About Actoverco

Actoverco is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Iran. Founded in 1972, Actoverco is heir to a long history in importing and production of pharmaceutical products.

The main business of the company has been importation of specialty pharmaceutical products in various fields. These fields include but are not limited to cardiovascular, psychiatry/neurology, internal medicine, immunology, and oncology. The company is an active partner with well-recognized manufacturers including KrKa, Ferrer, Clausen and Rubio.

Actoverco benefits from an organized, systematic, scientific, and customer-oriented marketing framework for promotion of its products. Actoverco believes that an employee-oriented culture is essential for success; the staff are the most valuable asset to the company. The Actover’s factory was established in 2009 in Karaj and is equipped with high technology production line specialized to produce under licensed chemical/synthetic and biosimilar products.

The products are to be exported to 19 regional and international countries.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals


Employees: 500-1000

Phone Number: +982141637000

Email address: CV@actoverco.com



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