About BSG Int'l Networks

About Behin Saman Gostar Mofid International Company (BSG)

Behin Saman Gostar Mofid International Company was established in the Year 2000 and registered under Registration No. 166625 in the City of Tehran with the aim of carrying out IT and informatics activities. The Company promptly commenced operations following its establishment in order to pursue and accomplish the goals determined by the organization’s founder.

The compilation and specification of the intended goals is the most important factor in the overall success of any business. Goal-setting is considered an essential element in the creation and advancement of the future events because clearly defined targets plays a crucial role in simplifying the path of life that individuals as well as organizations must embark upon.

Behin Saman Gostar Mofid International Company is not exempted from this rule, and thus has planned the following in order to achieve the organization’s ultimate goals:
- Conversion of the Company's name into a reliable internationally recognized brand
- Provision of professional and specialized land, air and sea
- telecommunication services
- Becoming a criterion for the measurement of service quality
- Achieving the best customer friendly methods to offer services
- Creation of direct and indirect job opportunities
- Localizing the advanced telecommunication technologies

To change into an internationally recognized brand, the Company's range of operations needs to be extended beyond the domestic borders and become transnational. On par with such notion, BSG has step by step expanded the area of its operations after primarily concentrating on the Middle East and Africa. Of course, some of the services that the Company is proudly providing are currently accessible across the globe.

Reputation, communication and effective cooperation with highly reputable international companies have turned BSG into a reliable and experienced trade partner for the entire international organizations, companies and institutes inside and outside of the country.
Although, the Company is the authorized representative and distributor of the equipment and services of many well-known and credited international companies such as KNS, EPAK, and so on, the overall objective of the Company's founder is to introduce BSGMC as an IT and telecommunications consultant and solution provider.

Work project execution in cooperation with the international partners, has made it possible for BSG to access and utilize the high level expertise and irreplaceable experience of other organizations and institutes, and thereby reduce network service-associated costs to a bare-minimum while maximizing the quality of offered services.

Industry: IT,Software and Internet Service

Employees: 1-50

Phone Number: +982188550101

Email address: nima@bsgnetworks.com



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