About Buhler

Buhler is the global specialist and technology partner for systems and services for the conversion of renewable raw materials into food products, and synthetic materials into high-quality functional products and recyclables.
The company's core technologies are in the areas of mechanical, thermal and biological process engineering. Buhler is organized in three divisions and 12 business units and for 150 years the company has been a professional partner in consultancy, technology, development, project management, training and support; and thanks to an international service organization, Buhler can be on hand at anytime, anywhere in the world and throughout the whole life-cycle of a machine.

Today Buhler manufactures machines and facilities in 15 production plants in 9 different countries: in the US, in Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Iran, China, and India. As partners in technology with their customers and with 40 of its own facilities as well as a presence in 140 countries, Buhler can be found whenever their customers are. 1,500 sales and services employees cultivate personalized contact with their customers and understand their culture and language.
Approximately 7,860 Buhler employees are a driving force which for years has helped Buhler secure market leadership in a number of different industries. Interesting job assignments and the company's global orientation make Buhler an attractive employer. Its geographical penetrability, a continuous exchange within its international production-, sales- and service network and the systematic development of its employees all contribute to the worldwide growth of its shared knowledge base.

Industry: Manufacturing


Employees: 50-200

Phone Number: +982188831012

Email address: lernik.navasardian@buhlergroup.com



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