About Pedarbozorg

Grandfather is a start-up company active in production, supply and distribution of healthy and semi-organic products. The productions of Grandfather Company have a great variety, usable for food, cosmetics, health and therapeutic industries. Currently, the productions are categorized and presented to the market as following;
1. First Group: Grandfather healthy herbal oils used in food, cosmetics, health and therapeutic fields.
2. Second Group: Combined spices to promote health and use in professional cooking resulting in a unique taste in preparation of traditional Iranian foods.
3. Third Group: Grandfather's combined herbal teas with special and unique combination to promote health through the beauty of nature.
4. Fourth group: Grandfather's special products which create a selection of highly consumed healthy food products including date syrup, natural honey and herbal extracts.

Industry: Food and Agriculture


Employees: 1-50

Phone Number: +98-21-44899210

Email address: hr@galorain.com



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