About Rasta Imen Daroo (RID)

Rasta Imen Daroo Co Ltd (RID) was established in 2000 in Tehran, Iran as a biotech company with a wide range of scientific and trade activities. Since 2013, RID has been working with Apotex Inc Canada as an exclusive agent of Apotex products. Many of the Apotex products are sold within Iran without the need for IRC registration due to this being at the request of MoH to meet urgent patient needs. RID has a unique relationship with stakeholders, payers and healthcare professionals who know Apotex products as being amongst the best available in the market. Its aim, through recruitment, training and development of the best staff who through close relationships with prescribers is that we can take the Apotex brand in Iran to new heights and gain market share across the portfolio.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals


Employees: 50-200

Phone Number: +982188850049

Email address: info@rastadaroo.com



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