About Zoodel

Zoodel is an online B2B Cross-border Marketplace which helps Micro, Small and Medium businesses to leverage internet for promoting their products in local and in the international market and engage with their customers. As a local sourcing marketplace Zoodel enables businesses to get quotations from the most suitable suppliers.
With Zoodel platform suppliers and buyers can generate business leads, confirm their credibility and promote their products 24/7.

Zoodel empowers suppliers and buyers to optimize their supply chain:
o Suppliers and buyers can easily find a match for the products they offer or look for.
o Contacts are made directly between suppliers and buyers.
o All information is exchanged on Zoodel, including detailed product specifications and capabilities.
o The Zoodel verification and inspection process gives suppliers and buyers unique information for a safe selection of business partners.
o Suppliers and buyers can negotiate with each other, place orders, arrange delivery, and pay with confidence
o Zoodel provides suppliers and buyers alike a range of online tools to manage customer relationships and trade information.
o Supplier and buyers can also benefit from follow up service to their Request for Quote and extensive translation support.

Industry: E-commerce


Employees: 1-50

Phone Number: +98-21-88558562

Email address: info@zoodel.com



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