About ISCC HR Platform

Since its formation, the main objective of Iran –Switzerland Chamber of commerce has been to facilitate relationship between the two countries.

Today with increasing number of members, and as a key player in the private sector of the Iranian economy, the Chamber wishes to play a more active role in assisting employers and potential applicants to connect and enable local and international companies to spot the right talents for the right HR needs.

 With that in mind, the Chamber has set what is called an « HR platform » indicating its positioning as an intermediary in the above mentioned process.




  1. Submit CV: Your CV can be easily uploaded so companies will have access to it.
  2. Employers: Companies can recieve a username and password by emailing the chamber (cyrus@iransuisse.com). in this tab they can upload the opening position in their company
  3. CV Bank: Companies that already received their username and password, can access to all the CVs that have been uploaded by the seekers
  4. Companies Profile: You can gain information about the companies that have registered into our website
  5. Go Back to Website: You can visit our chamber's website


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